Hillary Clinton critizised Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, by twittering: „Please do not take medical advice from a man who looked directly at a solar eclipse,” making reference to the fact that during the 2017 eclipse Trump briefly looked at the sun without protective eye gear.

What does this tell us about Clinton? She habitually continuous to pretend to be right although she was proved wrong by defending something politically correct against the facts.

It is/was politically correct to warn everybody that one could become blind, when looking directly into the sun. Trump ignored this warning, looked into the sun and was not harmed.

The criticism he earned for that is symptomatic for the criticism of much he does. He is critizised independently on the results of his work, based on the fact that he is ignoring the social main stream accepting restrictions of action as for example not to look into the sun without protecting gear.

That is wrong. Main developments in human history were triggered by people ignoring social mainstream and setting new paths. „Politically correct“ is called „politically“ correct as it is not correct based on scientific standards.

We should stop mocking on people acting differently and should start to question our behaviors based on the measurable outcome and not on what we feel the output could be perceived by others.